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Happy Birthday to You!

Great Grandpa Recovers for B'day

This year we had a small set-back with Dad falling ill before his 91th birthday!
He had a heart attack that sent him to the hospital for several days and then another week in a nursing care center. While he was in the White Blossom Care Center he had his birthday and many visitors. If you click the image of the ladies from the church choir on the left, you can catch a bit of the Happy Birthday song they sang. I kind of messed up the beginning of the recording thinking it was not recording, so I only have the last portion, but it was the best as you'll soon see if you click the link. I'll update the site ASAP, but I thought everyone would like to see this clip.

See & Hear Grandpa Playing the Organ

I'm trying something new, digital video from my digital camera. I shot some short videos of Grandpa playing his organ after his birthday party, so he is 90 in the videos. The digital videos below were re-created with Flash Professional 8, the same program that I used for the Birthday video. You may be asked to download a couple of update files from Macromedia if you have an old browser. Take the time to accept the download, it's harmless and will allow you to see all the cutting-edge programming out on the Web. So without further ado, click the picture or the link below to see the video.
Dad at the Organ Dad playing Amapola

Here are some new shots of Grandpa taken on Fathers Day 2005.
No one singing in the Choir, Laughing with his Priest, and a Serious conversation with the Music Director of the Choir.

The FicheraClan Forum This Forum is brand new for me and I'm not sure how to use all of the parts just yet, but it will show who's online using the forum and you should be able to connect with another visitor that may be online with you. I'll have more to report when I figure it all out.

The FicheraClan Guestbook I had to take off the guestbook since Spammers were having a field-day loading up the pages with their tripe; sorry, it would have been nice to see your comments.

Trip to Florida During the Spring break, we (Al and Dianna) went to Tampa Florida to visit Heather and her children Tiffany and Caleb Yon. The weather was one for the books! Rain, high humidity not normal for the season, a tornado and torrential rain while visiting the Nature center to view Manatees. The trip included visits to St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Orlando.
It has to be said, there are way too many people in Florida and their roads can't handle them. For a 60 mile trip from Tampa to Orlando to visit Epcot, it took 4 hours to drive, and 5 hours to return. The best weather came the day we left, go figure! However, I did get some great pictures and will have some on display in the gallery.

A Search Tool for the Website We finally have a comprehensive search page for the FicheraClan Web site. Click any link that says Search and you'll be transported to the a textbox to enter what you are looking for. The entire site has been indexed with the Zoom Search Engine so you will be able to find what you desire without much effort!
The other page needed for this site will be a Sitemap, that will also take some time since there are so many cross-referenced pages on the site. You can expect that one day soon too!

Victoria Learns How to Use Dreamweaver It won't be long before Victoria will be able to make changes and additions to the Web site for the 3 Rivers Lodge in Manteca. I created the site for her employer a couple of years ago (you can find it here: Victoria has learned how to use several computer programs and is now learning how to use the best there is, Dreamweaver MX 2004. She has created several of the .PDF pages on the site already and I'll bet she will do real well on her own soon.

Al Delves into Flash MX 2004 This year I really spent some time getting into and working with Flash MX 2004. I have most of the efforts online at my main site, but here are some of my favorite works that you can view from here: The main page, The SandBox, MXstudio, The Lecture Series.

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